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• Quad Cortex-A7,1.8GHz• ISP,MIPI CSI 13M• NEON• Trustzone• 32bit DDR4/LPDDR4• Audio Codec• H.265 Decoder 1080P@60fps• H.264 Encoder 1080P@60fps• 8路DMIC/PDM• 2路I2S/TDM• Tina OS/Android OS
• Quad A53 1.5GHz, GE8300E• DDR3/4/LPDDR3/4 32bit• 2 ADC, 2 DAC• MIPI/LVDS/RGB 1080P, MIPI CSI• 28nm, BGA 12*13mm
• Dual Cortex-A53 1.5GHZ• Arm 周易AIPU 0.256TOPS• Dual HIFI4 500MHZ• 64MB/128MB• 8路DMIC、5路ADC、2路DAC• 3路I2S/TDM• SPN、PPN,Nor,EMMC• IR TX,IR RX• USB2.0 OTG,USB HOST• 2路SPI,• 5路UART,3路TWI• Trustzone
• Dual Cortex-A7 1.2GHZ• SIP DDR2 64MB• SIP NAND 128MB• 8路DMIC/PDM• 3路I2S/TDM• 3路ADC• 1路DAC• Tina OS• Trustzone• 28nm
• Quad Cortex-A7,2.0GHz• MaxDisp 1080P@60fps• RGB/LVDS/MIPI LCD• Mali400MP2• H.265 1080P@60fps• Audio Codec• 8路DMIC/PDM• 2路I2S/TDM• ISP,MIPI CSI 13M• 32bit DDR4/LPDDR4• Tina OS/Android OS• Trustzone
• Quad A53 1.6GHz,,GE8300E• VPU DEC H265/H264 4K30• MIPI/LVDS/RGB 1080P• MIPI CSI*2, ISP*2• Audio 2ADC, 2DAC• D3/D4/LP3/LP4 32bit• 28nm, BGA, Android
• Single Cortex-A7  1.2GHZ• SIP DDR2 64MB• MaxDisp 720P• RGB/LVDS LCD• H.264 1080p@30fps• Audio Codec• I2S/PCM/TDM• MIPI CSI/DVP• ISP 8M• Tina OS
• 2*A7 1.5GHz,HiFi4• VPU DEC H264 1080P60• MIPI/LVDS/RGB 1080P• Audio 3ADC, 2DAC• SIP D2 64M/D3 128MB• 22nm,Linux
• Quad Cortex-A7,1.2GHz• Audio Codec• 2路I2S• 2路ADC、2路DAC• Tina OS/Android OS
The most competitive quad-core intelligent hardware processorAllwinner R16 processor, quad-core Cortex-A7, 1.2GHz;Onboard USB (HOST/OTG), AMIC/DMIC peripherals;External expansion of multiple GPIO interfaces for developers to debug peripheral requirements;Onboard TP/Camera/LCD MIPI/RGB/LVDS interface;Development board size: 131mm*116mm*1.6mm; Application: commercial display, medical equipment, mobile robot, HMI, etc.
High-performance embedded core moduleQuad-core Cortex-A7, main frequency up to 1.8GHz, integrated Mali-400 dual-core GPU;Rich peripherals such as onboard G-Sensor/RTC/power amplifier for developers to debug;Integrated camera, analog microphone, TP, screen interface and other onboard plug-ins for peripheral options;Development board size: 122.5mm*92mm*1.6mm; Applications: home consumption, electronic signage, smart audio, smart buildings, etc.
Facing the gateway + smart furniture application scenarioAdopt Allwinner R528-Sx dual-core Cortex-A7 high-performance processor;Onboard RJ45*2, external expansion TF card slot, multi-channel GPIO test interface;Integrated LCD screen interface/TP/KEY/Power plug-in for peripheral debugging;Development board size: 165mm*120mm*1.2mm; Applications: home control panels, smart gateways, marine displays, etc.
Quad-core Cortex A53+ supports network port and MIPI camera inputAllwinner R818 processor, quad-core Cortex-A53, 1.6GHz;Can support dual-screen simultaneous display (LVDS), MIPI CSI*2 camera input;Rich peripheral expansion: support network port, 2 USB2.0 ports, SDIO 3.0, TF card slot;Development board size: 129.25mm*103.65mm*1.6mm; Application: commercial display, medical equipment, smart terminal, smart home, etc.
Lightweight development of single-core high-speed processorsR11 ARM Cortex-A7, lightweight high-speed task processor;Onboard MIPI camera interface and RGB screen/TP interface debugging;The interface is rich, and the interfaces such as USB/key/MIC/SPEAK are all led out;Development board size: 85mm*82mm*1.6mm; Application: medical equipment, Carplay, smart screen display, etc.
Industry-leading audio and voice processorsCPU: R328-S3, dual-core Cortex-A7, 1.2GHz;Can support SPI LCD interface, TP interface debugging;Integrated USB interface upgrade debugging, SPK interface and button interface;Integrated digital microphone*4/analog microphone*2/echo acquisition circuit*1;Development board size: 70mm*70mm*1.2mm; Application: smart home control, smart story machine, smart small appliances, portable WI-FI
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